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Here you are able to find the frequently asked questions:

The games or the chat isn't working?

You need the following free softwares in order to be able to play the games and to enter the chat:

How am I able to change the volume of a game?

You can use the volume controls on your speakers (or monitor, if your speakers are built into it), Windows software or application software to adjust volume.

STEP 1: Rotate the volume control on one speaker to adjust the volume of a stereo pair or three-piece system.
STEP 2: Use the buttons or dial on the monitor, or on-screen controls, to adjust the volume of speakers built into the monitor. Make sure the Mute button is off.
Tips & Warnings Some subwoofers have an independent volume control.

STEP 1: Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray (at the far right of the Windows taskbar).
STEP 2: Click Open Volume Controls.
STEP 3: Drag the slider in the left column with the mouse to adjust master volume.

I'm not able to see all categories on this site

Click in the upper menu on Tools / Options. Here choose Enable JavaScript and click OK.

Internet Explorer
Click in the upper menu on Tools / Internet Options. There click at the menu Security either on Medium, or choose Custom Level and then activate below Scripting the point Enable Active Scripting. Confirm by clicking OK.

Click in the upper menu on Edit / Preferences. At Advanced / Scripts & Plugins chooseNavigator. Now click on OK.

Click in the upper menu on Tools / Preferences. At Multimedia choose Enable JavaScript and click OK.

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