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Escape from Elm Street -  Adventure Game
Walk around this scary dark house explore different rooms bathroom bedroom kitchen to find clues and a way out.
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Online Games - Tags: house, scary, murder, death, mistery,
Squeeby Killer -  Action Game
Squeeby Killer (10/16/2012)
Select a brutal and gruesome way in which the character is killed, shot, punched and beaten.
Played: 82300 times (58 today), Favorited Online Game: 0  12345
Play Games - Tags: kill, death, torture, pain,
Soul Master -  Action Game
Soul Master (6/27/2012)
Guide Death through the dark Hell, capture the souls and deliver them to the tombstone to let them escape.
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Game Site - Tags: death, soul, tombstone,
Fear Unlimited -  Action Game
Fear Unlimited (1/19/2012)
Kill undead enemies with your sword, shoot them with your machine guns and perform combo attacks.
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Flash Games - Tags: adventure, obstacles, mission, undeath,
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