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Thing Thing 3 -  Action Game
Thing Thing 3 (8/11/2015)
More furious Thing-Thing action! These games just keep getting better!
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Flash Games - Tags: crime, weapons, violence, guns, shoot,
The Batman! -  Action Game
The Batman! (8/1/2014)
Rid Gotham City of crime!
Played: 184422 times (129 today), Favorited FlashGame: 2  12345
Game Site - Tags: batman, misson, adventure, crime, ,
Make a Mobster -  Other Game
Make a Mobster (2/23/2014)
Create your very own gangster change his arms suit legs weaponry hat face and more.
Played: 92779 times (94 today), Favorited FlashGame: 0  12345
Free Games - Tags: mobster, gangster, crime,
Electronica: Prequel -  Adventure Game
Walk through alley ways and other places in this city as a hero fight crime and kick down bad guys.
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Free Games - Tags: city, street, crime, danger,
Spindle -  Adventure Game
Spindle (12/16/2010)
You are spindle a private detective who must fight crime battle through enemies shoot your gun and solve the mystery using clues.
Played: 33441 times (46 today), Favorited FlashGame: 0  12345
Online Games - Tags: mistery, detective, mission, crime,
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